Spine Surgery

Have you been told you need spine surgery? Do you want to explore ALL options before deciding to have surgery on your back or neck? If so, then Lone Star Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists is the right place for you.

Lone Star Orthopaedics offers advanced spinal care with a conservative, results-oriented approach. Our doctors evaluate and treat many spinal disorders, including cervical and lumbar disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, stress fractures, and spinal deformity.

A spine specialist treats many conditions, including common neck pain and low back pain as well as:

Treatment options might include:

Spine surgery is complex and the decision should not be taken lightly. If you have symptoms of a spinal disorder and think you need surgery, there is no better place in Fort Worth than Lone Star Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists. Make an appointment to see Dr. Gengler today and get all your questions answered.